without knowing what life is;
we all keep on living;


HEY GUYS! I’ve updated my commissions post and now its all nice and pretty aw yeah.

Sketches ~ $5
(extra characters cost nothing!)
Example / Example / Example

Flats ~ $10
(extra characters cost nothing!)
Example / Example / Example

Shaded ~ $15
(1-2 characters: no extra cost. 3+ will be $2 extra each) 
Example / Example / Example

  • Fanart, OCs, and Homestuck OK
  • If you want a NSFW commission, check out this post instead.
  • You do not NEED to give me a specific prompt, but it would be pretty awesome, since I have little to none creativity.
  • I will need 2 or more reference pictures for everything.
  • Payable via Paypal (preferred), Squarecash, or Amazon Gift Card
  • Contact me through an email to BZstudent[at]aol[dot]com with the title “COMMISSION”
  • I will email you back when the commission is done, and it must be paid for before I give you the image.
  • Commissions will take 1-2 weeks to complete, depending on how detailed the work is and how busy my life gets.
  • Don’t be afraid to give me a deadline!! Deadlines are great and ensure I get your work done on time!!
  • I reserve the right to refuse prompts.

Also, even if you can’t buy anything, it’d be really cool if you could reblog this post to spread the word!

Anonymous whispered:
Are you going to any anime conventions in the future? uwu

yes, i am, but i will not be selling lol. the anime cons i can afford a table at dont allow fanart anymore. but! if you’re going to sakuracon or a-kon i will be there cosplaying noiz! (and if you somehow manage to make it to fiesta equestria, i’ll have a booth there uwu)

isnt it just the worst to watch someone try their hardest

sleepy in class

tumblr.com user tigerine commissioned me for her oc’s tattoos and iT WAS A FUCKIN RAD COMMISSION HOLLA

i stopped being important to people a long time ago

stress drawings

jadespr1te whispered:
AAA I HATE TO ASK I DONT WANT TO BE A BOTHER BUT would it be OK to ask for refs of your new fem!vitri designs? ;v; I love the ones in that recent pic you drew and my boyfriend and I are looking to cosplay them if that's OK!!!

EYYYY ITS NO BOTHER although this does get long, so im putting it under a cut ok

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Anonymous whispered:
hi - i was thinking of cosplaying your first version of your yanki femme trip if that's okay:) i was wondering if you had any references of her?




(based off the official dmmd reference sheets again) (im so sorry about the fucked up anatomy in the first one)

so!!! she’s a pretty bland and easy cosplay, i gotta say. the shoes are almost the same (the black cuff in the original design is actually part of his pants, not the shoes, but i like the way it looks, so i put it on the shoes) and the vest is just an even shorter version of the normal one

so key points i guess

  • the gakuran is the normal bousouzoku version that you see in animes and shit, but its got a bastardised and frankenstien’d version of the morphine logo on the back. you can use the actual one or just completely ignore it, i don’t rlly care
  • the skirt is about a hand longer than the gakuran and about hand above the ankles—but my hands are six inches so you can just do whatever looks best on your body

other than that, theres not really anything special!! the face mask is a normal white one (she probably buys them in bulk at convenience stores), she wears two earrings on both ears, and her hair is perpetually pulled over to the left side. she also has bound boobs and for that im sorry

thank you so much for wanting to cosplay her!!!! you should tag me if you ever post the pictures on tumblr!!

wont give you my heart; no one lives there anymore

/ whispers me and the bae are gunna cosplay your fem Trip and Virus designs „ ovo

i redrew an old sketchbook piece from 2011

Anonymous whispered:
yeah but why would you want to be in a relationship without sex would you even want something like that

uh yeah anon when you’re done taking your head out of your own ass maybe you’ll realise that there is such a thing as asexuality and sometimes people dont want to have sex and it’s very offensive and rude and fucking gross that you would insinuate that a relationship without sex is not one worth having

Anonymous whispered:
How do the mermaids frick

uh you do know you dont have to have sex to be in a healthy and fulfilling relationship right

nanairohoshizora whispered:
hello~ just wanted to say I really love your style it's so lovely and simple yet detailed! i'm an art student (also currently taking a comics class that's kicking my butt) and i was feeling down cuz the professor doesn't take my style seriously, but seeing your little comic about the mermaid lifted my spirits because its so cute and simple and lovely altogether! Just wanted to say that. Now I must get back to letting my own comic kick my butt! (;A;)9 Cheers!!

EYYY im glad my silly little comic could do that for you!!! dont worry about your style—there are professional artists out there who make amazingly thought-provoking comics that have art that looks like this:


(or this, which always makes me laugh:)


just make a good story and stand behind your work!! if you don’t believe in yourself, who will, yknow?

good luck!!!! you can do it!!