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something something bossu

jojo_60min prompt today was “vinegar doppio”!! i know, i dont win any points for creativity

an attempt was made


So this happened… just Trip and Virus chilling in an ally, what else is new. Sometimes I’m really glad I live in a creepy town/city/thing.

Designs go check them out, amazing artz!

Photographer | Fem! Trip | Fem! Virus

how will you take it when youre told youre unimportant

some jojo_60min things

if you keep telling yourself you don’t need friends, maybe it’ll come true

thank you, araki, for this blessing


happy birthday tomibunny i hope you have a good one

Has your art ever been stolen?, bc i've planned to have an art blog to get more criticism. But idk, i'm just really scared of art thieves. P.S: the way you draw hands is really beautiful

thank you, anon! i actually have had some of my work stolen before, but i just don’t talk about it :> you just need to keep a level head and contact whoever runs the site you found the stolen work on.

boss’ boy

(hand gestures)

Do you think you could maybe draw your fem ViTri in some feminine version of the black and white clothing they were wearing in that promo art if you know what I'm talking about? Sorry that was confusing


is this what you meant? i wasnt sure if you wanted it as some sort of reference or not so its not really interesting lmao sorry