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more things that werent good enough for their own posts P:

jojo_60min “tears”

So i was in the cisswap tag, and i found these dmmd cisswaps. Then i noticed Clear and Noiz designs looked similar to yours. The user name is splitbricks if i remember

umm? thank you for your concern? but i don’t really mind nor care? i dont have a copyright over the designs, so i’m totally fine with people liking them or using parts for their own designs :> i’m only kinda protective over my femme vitri designs, but even then, i don’t really mind!

twitter requests from last night (first two for @cheeserzeppeli and last one for @jonathanbrandos)

jojo_60min “failure”

stuff and things that i posted to my main and on twitter but not here

something something bossu

jojo_60min prompt today was “vinegar doppio”!! i know, i dont win any points for creativity

an attempt was made


So this happened… just Trip and Virus chilling in an ally, what else is new. Sometimes I’m really glad I live in a creepy town/city/thing.

Designs go check them out, amazing artz!

Photographer | Fem! Trip | Fem! Virus

how will you take it when youre told youre unimportant

some jojo_60min things

if you keep telling yourself you don’t need friends, maybe it’ll come true

thank you, araki, for this blessing